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Introducing | The Sóif-De-Lox Comb


An absolute must for creating gorgeous waves, combing out your curls and combing through your hair treatments. I always have one everywhere I go and when styling my go-to waves on clients! Simply curl all your hair and comb through.


The weight and high shine of the comb ensures that your hair and extensions are left feeling polished, anti-static and diminishes frizz.


The wide teeth ensure no snagging or breakage and promote healthy, silky hair.


Perfect size to keep in your handbag, ensuring your hair is always on point...


Multi-use: Can be used when hair is wet, or to comb through your weekly hair mask. The wide teeth ensure no snagging or pulling on your hair. Perfect for naturally curly hair.


Adding a touch of luxe to your hair care kit 


Out of Stock
  • -High Shine Pearl Comb

    -Luxury acetate

    -Branded black logo

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